Inspiration for your own Transformation

Shawna C. 

"I feel like the progress I made once I joined a challenge group using T25 and the meal guides I finally saw a
Change!!!!! If it feels so good to know that we are capable of doing great work at home! I lost 45 lbs using BB programs and the Ultimate Reset!"

Rosa S. 

"I tried everything and anything I could to try to lose weight I was so depressed, UNTIL my coach reached out! I was so grateful challenge group taught me accountability, I was no longer winging it (I had no idea what I was doing) so where I had so much success was the fact that I had a coach, nutrition plan to follow and motivation and accountability was key! It changed my life! I lost 88 pounds from the comfort of my own home! I used P90X,Insanity and 21 day fix with shakeology! GAME CHANGER!"

Adrianne R. 

"I did the 3 week yoga retreat & am in the process of 21 day fix :) now I am 5 lbs under my pre pregnancy weight!! I love the shakeology & work outs. It complements my busy life!! 😊 I'm super glad I jumped in as a coach with both feet!"

Priscilla R.

"Before my pregnancy I was a size 6.  During my pregnancy I gained a ridiculous amount of weight and left the hospital a size 18. I was devestated and turned to Shaun T again. I did T25 went down to a size 12. The 21 day fix and went down to a size 8. That's when my own coach encouraged me to become a coach. I love everything BB stands for. I love what they have to offer!!!!!"