These are some tools you'll see us talk about in our fitness challenge. These are obviously not required but they are helpful. If you have questions on how to use these or what they are good for, just ask in our fitness group. 

MCT Oil 

Sweet Sweat 6.5oz Jar

Waist Wrap 
*This is NOT a waist trainer! This is used to help you sweat more during cardio.

Thigh Trimmers to use during cardio

Sweet Sweat Coconut 13.5oz XL Jar

*These are only recommendations not to be taken as medical advice. Please consult your Doctor before trying these products. We do not guarantee any results and expect you to do your own research before purchasing anything. Some of these products contain Affiliate Links We use these to help provide prizes to our weight loss challenge winners. 

Sweet Sweat 13.5oz XL Jar

Body Fat Calculator

Digital Scale

Digital Scale