S N E A K   P E E K

DAY 1 

Hello and WELCOME to the What is Beachbody Coaching Info Site.  I am Kenna Shell the creator of Goodbye Fat Hello Muscle and TeamGFHM.com I started using Beachbody Programs in 2009 after the birth of my son. I used P90x to help me lose 92lbs. and I wanted a way to inspire other women to lose weight, feel good about themselves and have a place to get support while on their fitness journey. So GFHM was created. 

I became a Coach in March 2012 because I wanted to earn a little bit of money in hopes I'd get Shakeology Free and possibly buy some new clothes with the left over cash. I had used several Beachbody Products. Even gotten a transformation with P90X. But I thought "I wouldn't be good at this because I'm not a sales person" I never dreamed this opportunity would become what it has. The places it would take me. The journey I would go through in such a short amount of time learning about myself all while helping others find themselves.

The thing is, Beachbody is not about selling. It's about Building Relationships and Leading People to find their true potential, motivating them to be their best and holding them accountable each and everyday. That is what a Beachbody Coach is. Over the course of the next couple days my hope for YOU is that you take a good honest look at this business opportunity and see if it will fit into your lifestyle and if it's something you would want to devote time and effort to.

As you all know there is no quick fix and there is no way to earn a lot of money without a lot of hard work put in at some point. But I'm telling you from experience in this business ANYONE can do it. This will be a Marathon, not a race to the finish line. Building your business will be the very best thing you can do to provide FREEDOM from your 9-5 job. Giving you the ability to set your own hours, be with your children, be your own boss and get financially rewarded more than you could possibly imagine. But it's going to take WORK!! Like I just said it will be a Marathon. Meaning slow and steady constantly building day after day. Within 3-5 years you will be Financially FREE to do what you want.

So I like to be straight up and totally honest with people from the start so you can decide if you want to put in the effort to build an empire. I will be here with you for the long haul. I've also created everything on this team site that you get to use so you aren't having to figure out how to motivate people. It's all already done for you.  We are a Family and I hope that you see it in our pictures here on the site.  

As a Team I teach everyone to focus on the Relationships you are building with people this is what will provide you with the income. This is a short video from Chalene Johnson Creator of Turbo Jam and Turbo Fire 

After you watch the the video take a few minutes to think of WHY you wanted to learn more about Beachbody Coaching. 

Why you want this to work for you? Do you want to spend time with your children? Set your own hours? Have enough money to pay your current bills. Save some money so you'll have a family vacation each year totally paid for? What are you reasons?

Comment and let us know