Sending Samples

Sending Samples is a HUGE part of your business. If people aren't tasting the product then how will they ever know if they want to order?! 

Before I became a Coach I had to taste Shakeology before I would even sign up because I thought there is no way I can recommend something I can't get behind. So I tried it and liked it.  Then I joined Beachbody as a Discount Coach because I couldn't afford to pay full-price. Now five years later into coaching this is my full-time income. 

I look forward to sharing with you what has helped me grow my customer base. It is sending out 1 box of Shakeology Samples EVERY Month! 

That is 24 Samples... out of those 24 at least 3 will purchase. Earning you $32 commission for each one. $96 total. If you do this every month for 12 Months and everyone continues to purchase Shakeology Monthly.... at the end of the those 12 Months you will have earned $7,488.00 you will of course have money invested for the cost of Shakeology each month which is about $108 give or take a couple dollars depending on shipping. You will also have cost of shipping those 24 samples out... which is about $3 per sample sent out or $72 mo. 

The cost of the Shakeology and the Shipping for 12 months is $2,160 which is also a 100% Tax Write-Off for your business. There is also the option to charge $3 per packet shipping to off-set some of these costs. I personally don't charge shipping because I want to get the product in peoples hand so they taste it. 

If you didn't charge shipping at the end of those 12 months you still would have made $5,328.00 in commissions. All from 3 people continuing to purchase shakeology each month. That is also a low estimate. Because when you have 24 new people trying it each month some months will be higher. Some might be lower... depending how well you follow up with people. 

Use these printable recipe guides to mail out with your samples. 

REMEMBER to add your PHONE NUMBER so people can get a hold of you to order. When they contact you this is when you can text them a link to order the All-Access Challenge Pack so they get the workouts and Shakeology, plus they can get added to our GFHM Challenge Group for the year. 

Print off several of each recipes so you can add this into their sample packet fast & easy. 

Click on pictures to Print Recipes

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