How to Recruit New Coaches



Here is a 4 step process on how to bring up coaching without coming off as salesy or pushy. I know your intentions are to HELP others and you are SOOOO excited about this coaching business that you want everyone to join you and do it with you BUT we just need to slow down and follow this process so we can come across the way we feel in our hearts. PS If you always lead with the intentions to HELP others then you can't go wrong. 





1. Meet new people and build relationships OR Build relationships with those you already know.
2. Ask questions and LISTEN
3. Find out their needs and wants

4. ASK: Have you ever considered becoming a coach? I think you would be awesome at it because __________ or I think you would benefit from it because__________. 




Easy enough right? EXACTLY, this is why you are going to be so successful at this business because the things that really make coaches successful are simple to do you just have to DO IT and be consistent with the game plan.


When someone wants more information about coaching--I try to always keep it very short and basic...and save the details for the recorded call they listen too. This takes the pressure off of you and then you can jump on the phone after they listen and answer any other questions they have. Confidence is key!!!  So be confident in what we have to offer.



{What to Say about Coaching}




Potential Coach: Hey Kenna, I would love more info on coaching please!


My Response: I'd love to talk to you more about it!  I am just here to help motivate and inspire people to live healthier lifestyles and to push themselves to be their very best whether that be with health and fitness or even inspiring them to become coaches themselves and help even more people live healthier lives. I also run monthly fitness challenge groups where everyone involved worksout, eats clean and motivates each other to stay on track with their fitness. I really think the best way for you to understand it would be to watch this short video call my friend/upline coach did a couple weeks ago and then maybe we can get on the phone and go over any questions you have. So let me know if that sounds good to you and I will send the call your way!


Send them this call: (copy paste link to call here)

by Kenna Shell