SUCCESS Leaves Clues

Grab a Notebook dedicated to ideas for your business and as you listen to these videos some of the most successful people will tell you what it takes to get where they are. Write down those tips so you can implement them into your business. 

All of these people currently earn $1 MILLION or more each Year. You can do this too. Let their stories inspire you. 

These videos are about 30 minutes each. They are a good way to get your business personal development in each day. 

Personal Development is one of the KEYS to success. There are 2 types of Personal Development. One is Business Development and the other is Self Development. 

Business Development comes from listening to other successful network marketers and applying what they teach. The action is very important because just listening won't make you successful. This is why you need that notebook so you can look back and get instant ideas when you're feeling like you have none. 

Self Development can be anything that you are personally dealing with at the moment. It could be overcoming anxiety, depression, self esteem issues... any area where you feel weak in, listening or reading books to help you overcome or strengthen that area of weakness is considered Self Development. This will help you to later help others on your team who are dealing with these same issues. Make sure to write down the books that have helped you and in what area.