Leadership Ladder

Coach ranks, like Emerald, Ruby, Diamond, and Star Diamond provide the basic framework for your business. To compliment this, Beachbody created the Leadership Ladder. The Leadership Ladder identifies an additional set of benchmarks around each rank that will help Coaches focus on stretch goals that are bigger than rank.


Achieving these benchmarks will better position your business for stability and growth. The knowledge and activities that must be mastered to achieve the Leadership Ladder benchmarks are no different than those required to achieve the various Coach ranks. However, the intensity of how you apply that knowledge and engage in the activities will help you reach the Leadership Ladder benchmarks.

Bonus Points (BP)
Personally Sponsored Coaches (PS)
Success Club (SC)
Team Volume (TV)

Watch this video as 2014, 2015 Top Coach of the year Melanie Mitro explains how to raise the bar using the Leadership Ladder.