Post Ideas for...

Inviting to your Challenge Group

Step 1: Making an exciting public announcement to invite to your Challenge Group

-Take a photo of you (it can be just a regular photo OR a transformation photo if you have)
-Create a post to invite people.
-KEY POINT: If you have a STORY (which everyone does) and/or a transformation photo PLEASE USE IT! The more personal you can make this post, the more people will be able to connect with you!
-Make this post ASAP (it takes time for you to have conversations with people)
-I actually didn't even know what a challenge group was when I signed up. I just knew I was going to do a workout and I wanted to see if someone wanted to join me too. Here are a couple ideas below. 

Step 2: Start Sharing your Journey

-This is NOT a get rich quick scheme
-It takes time and consistency for people to trust you
-Be sure you are posting 3X/day on the form of social media you choose so that people can start to follow your journey
-Not everyone sees your posts all the time, so it is important you stay consistent.

Step 3: Finding your Challengers

-Your post in step 1 is one way we are going to find your challengers (I recommend doing a 2-3 posts like this - either repost the same one or change it up slightly)
-In this step I would like you to make a list of 10 friends and family that you feel would benefit from this group. 
-Reach out to those 10 people through Facebook, text, phone call, or meeting in person.
-Be very relaxed and just share your personal story. You DO NOT need to know everything. People connect with stories not facts.
-Then share with them that you thought of them immediately and think they would really enjoy doing this with you!
-Our goal is to have 3-5 challengers in your first group (so repeat the posting and making your list until you have at least 3 people)