Weight loss is all about your metabolism.. how fast it burns calories and directly affects the number on the scale.. Right?  WRONG.... There is much more to losing weight and it's called HORMONES.


Hormones are like the master to the metabolism. The metabolism has to listen to the hormones no matter what.  Hormones determine how much fat you carry and where you carry it. 


Around your belly - Cortisol 

Midsection to bra line - Insulin  

Hips & Thighs - Estrogen 


Hormones also control your sensation of fullness. So you may feel pleasantly full or constantly hungry. 


There isn't just one hormone that affects weight. There are many hormones and they all work together so you can't blame just Cortisol or Insulin for weight gain since they are all working together. When one is unbalanced eventually it will make the others unbalanced. 


Hormones that affect weight gain: 




Hormones that influence fat loss: 


Growth hormone - HGH 

Hormones that affect your appetite: 

Cholecystokinin - CCK


Neuropeptide Y


2 Things to know

1. To have a healthy metabolism ALL your hormones must be in balance. 

2. Poor diet, high stress and toxins in the environment can send hormones out of whack which causes weight gain and other health issues.  

Don't worry though... while hormone imbalance can determine your ability to lose fat.. Metabolic Disturbance, Healthy Lifestyle and the Right Nutrition can help treat it and even prevent it! 

What is Metabolic Disturbance?

Think of it like this.... you've been doing the same low to medium intensity workouts over and over again. After a few weeks your body gets used to it and adjusts and burns fewer calories. 

When we talk about metabolic disturbance it's like waking up the metabolism to say.... Hey, get up and get going we are doing some work today. This happens by changing up your workouts by adding in HIIT and LIFTING WEIGHTS. 

As you lift weights and follow high intensity cardio plans.. Like HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training. You'll create a metabolic disturbance... think of it like a storm in your body. Where everything is chaos. You want it to be chaos because that burns FAT. A calm metabolism means everything is staying the same and you're not being challenged in anyway. That's why we want the Metabolism Disturbance... to wake things up a bit. 

When you lift weights or do HIIT you get what's called "workout afterburn" meaning that you burn more calories for a longer period of time after the workout is complete than if you would've just done a normal walk on the treadmill for 40 minutes. While walking at a steady state does burn calories and is great because it gets your blood pumping and energy flowing it stops burning calories once you get off the treadmill. 

When you lift weights your body can still be burning calories for hours after the workout even when you are resting. Depending on how hard you pushed yourself during that workout. It's all about where you are now... which is your BASE and working hard each day to become better or RAISE YOUR BASE. This is why you have got to have the mindset that it's YOU vs. YOU because ultimately, it is. 

Try this HIIT Workout below to get started! 

Fight for your goals & happiness!

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