Think about what triggered you wanting to start your weight-loss journey. It could have been anything from realizing you can't fit in your jeans any longer or you have a vacation coming up to wanting to be able to run and play with your children.


Whatever your original intention, once you start losing weight a new motivation takes over. You start seeing the scale go down as you shed some pounds and that becomes a huge source of motivation to keep going. But what happens when a weight-loss plateau threatens to kill that motivation? Or maybe you're already 9 days in and you haven't seen any weight loss yet... another reason you might start thinking negatively about weight loss and wondering if it will work for you. 

Let me just say.... this is all inevitable, and it happens to the best of us. We lose weight quickly in the beginning and then some times we don't. What you need to understand is that it isn't a sign of failure, rather just a sign you need to measure your progress in other ways than just the scale.  The number on the scale is only ONE of the ways to measure success so don't just focus on that. 

Muscle and Fat weigh the same it's just that each one takes up a different amount of space.  Just because the number goes up on the scale you have to consider other things: 
1. Have you been following the plan? 
If yes, then you're on the right track.. scale doesn't matter. 
2. Have you gotten off track by eating junk or not working out?
If yes, then scale more than likely matters and you need to dial it in. Drink a gallon of water per day and stick to whole foods that are not processed. 

3. Have you recently started lifting more weights? 

If yes, then it's more than likely water weight. When you lift weights your body floods water to the muscle to help repair it. In this case, don't focus on the scale. Focus on how your clothes are fitting or inches lost. 

Other ways to measure SUCCESS

Invest in a scale that shows Body Fat & Water Percentages: 

This way you can see when the BF% goes down and also know if you are holding more water than usual. When you are lifting weights your body will naturally hold more water because it sends water to the muscle to help repair it. 

You are drinking more water than you ever have: 

This is a big achievement in weight loss. Eventually your body won't hold on to so much water because you're staying hydrated. Drinking 1 gallon per day is a good number to go by. There is no need to drink more unless you are thirsty. 

You are able to get through your workouts easier than before: 

When you started maybe you had to take more rests and for longer periods of time. Now you're getting through the workouts with less rests and when you do take rests they are for shorter periods of time. CONGRATULATIONS this means you are getting STRONGER!! 

Your clothes are feeling looser: 

When your clothes are fitting loose this means you have lost inches. Which most of the time DO NOT reflect on the scale. If you've noticed when someone comments on you looking like you've lost weight and you haven't seen it on the scale... More than likely it's because you've lost inches. KEEP GOING!  

You are able to pass up favorite junk foods: 

This means you are on track mentally and you know the goals you've set and what they mean to you. Nothing will get in your way unless you let it. 

You feel like you have more energy and less stress: 

This is one of the best feelings and a feeling of true success. Your inner state is at peace and you are well on your way to achieving the transformation you've been working hard to get. A number on the scale will never be as good as this. 

You wake up with excitement:

Another successful moment when you realize that you no longer dread the person you've become and you're actually excited to challenge yourself today. You're growing in to a new person who is achieving their goals. 

The day that turns your life around

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