We all know the #1 reason people fail to reach their health and fitness goals is because they can't seem to stick to their diet. Since food is a necessity and something we need to function in everyday life, saying no to temptation can be harder than any workout, any test you took in college, almost harder than any challenge before it. 

So what is the difference between those who seem to be able to avoid temptation and those who cave every time they see a piece of pizza or chocolate? Obviously self discipline but with that it is important to have tools in place BEFORE a situation of temptation occurs.


It's all about setting your mind before the temptation happens so you know what you're going to do. Think of it as going into battle with your inner self. You wouldn't go into any battle unarmed. This is why you've gotta get your mind right and why I spend so much time having you watch motivational videos and creating motivational vision boards. These are all little things that will help you to WIN those battles going on in your head when you see the Pizza, Cupcakes or whatever else is your weakness food.... You're on a roll now and you shouldn't eat those things because they just filler foods and get you off track.  DON'T GIVE UP... Just GET PREPARED! 

Try these tips when you're faced with Temptation...

We all face temptation it's the choices you make in those moments that determine your success. ~ Kenna Shell


I'm not perfect, I just made choices that would get me closer to my goals! 

Temptation is temporary, pictures are forever! 


100% Unedited Photo this is actually a screen shot from the pics the photographer sent me. I wanted you to see real life. Not a photoshopped version. 

Tiny changes mean huge results...

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