I know so many times we do GREAT until Friday Night comes... then it's like diet and new lifestyle goes out the window because of a couple reasons. You're ready to let loose from a long work week or need to get out of the house because you've been home with the kids everyday. I've had both jobs and they are both exhausting in their own way. 

It's good to get out, have fun and let loose. Just don't let it undo all of your hard work this previous week. The weekend is when you can actually get ahead in your fitness goals. You now have more time to get workouts in, get a couple extra meals prepped, some grocery shopping done or maybe get your house organzied so the next week runs smooth. 

5 Tips for a successful weekend

1. Get a longer workout in. Sometimes during the week we get busy and can only do 30 minutes of a workout. Now is the time to go the full 60 mins with cardio if you can. Or maybe do 2 -30 minute sessions. Also if you've skipped a workout during the week you still have time to make it up. 

4. Get some rest if you need to. Most of the time new routines tend to make us exhaused but you'll have to push through to get what you want... which is your ultimate goal!! You can help your body repair quicker by taking naps during the day and getting plenty of rest during the weekend. 

2. Plan the meals you want to have this week. Planning ahead by making meals you look forward to eating will help keep you on track with your weight loss. So go looking around on Pinterest or your other favorite site. Find some recipes and make some healthy swaps if necessary. Plan to try at least 1 new meal a week so you have something new to look forward to. Boredom with meals is the number one reason people get off track. 

5. Do something FUN!! That doesn't revolve around food. I know that's a hard one. Or maybe it's just me but it seems our family has activities and it's always around what food are we going to eat.  Try to switch your thinking to not really care either way what food you're going to be eating. Thinking of food as fuel for your body instead of a comfort will open you up to new ideas of doing things that you normally wouldn't do. Like trying out a new walking trail with family or maybe you could even get everyone to sign up for a 5k walk and you help everyone get ready for the event. There are many apps you can use to help everyone get started. A 5k is only 3.2 miles. Getting your friends and family involved with your new lifestyle will be life changing for them as well. 

3. Remember that one treat meal won't undo your week. It's the treat meals that tend to follow. So be mindful when you enjoy a treat meal. Think about if you really NEED it? Or is this just a habit you're in? Also stick to portion sizes of treat meals. About 3oz or palm size of Lean Protein, 1/2c of a Carb or tennis ball size and 1c Veggies. If you have dessert limit it to 3 big bites and be done with it. If you have a drink with dinner let that be your dessert. Limit 2 drinks when out for a treat night. 

Become better than you were yesterday, better than you were last week, last month. It's You vs. You! Conquer your weekends with the mindset that you will be better each time!   

What helps you stay on track during the weekend?  
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