DAY 30


Wahoo!!! You made it to the LAST DAY!!! I'm so proud of you. So I wanted to end with a little secret... Self Tanners! This will help you feel so amazing while going through your fitness journey and there are several out there but this is what I personally use and you get an olive colored skin... not orange!! yay!!! 

I don't know about you but I love to have a nice tan while I'm working on myself. I like tanned skin and I used to go to the tanning bed a lot... which is not good for you at all. A couple years ago my mom caught a melanoma spot on her arm early and got it removed before it reaching the blood stream. Thank God!! So I've been on the hunt for a good self tanner and I'm happy to share the one I use with you. 

It's by an Australian Company - Loving Tan 

I reached out to them to see about getting a discount on the product for you and they were kind enough to offer a FREE exfoliating glove with any mousse purchase. By using the code LOVING TAN when you check out. 

*I don't make anything when you purchase. I just love the product and get compliments on my tan all the time so I wanted to share with you.  I get the Ultra Dark Mousse.  It has a more olive color and it looks natural. It's good even if you are fair complected. 

This is a good video that explains how to prep your skin for the self tanner and how to apply. 

She uses the Mit in the video, however, I don't like the Mit. I think its hard to apply with so I use some of those cheap Blue Painters Gloves you can find at Walmart in the paint section. 

1 package comes with several pairs and each pair will last several times. 

After you apply the self tanner... With the gloves still on your hands, run them under water to rinse them off. Then take the gloves of and let them air dry. 

Sweet painter gloves!! 

If you didn't want to order a self tanner online. This is another great self tanning lotion I use. I don't use it as much since finding the Loving Tan Brand but this one you can find at any Walmart or Superstore. I think Target has it too.  Just make sure you apply lotion to your Hands, Feet, Knees and Elbows first. Those are the most dry areas and will absorb more of the self tanner making you look super dark in those areas... You don't want that. 

Don't Forget... 

We want to brag on you!! Comment how many pounds you've lost since starting the challenge or how many inches you've lost.