You've just spent an hour working out. You're STARVING and feel like you deserve a treat. While serious athletes need extra calories to off set their rigorous training, the average woman does not. So this is why it's important to stick to your serving sizes for each meal and not go over.

Make sure you don't take little bites here and there off your kids plates or snacks at the office because a couple bites here and there may not seem like much but after a week of doing that they all add up and your weight will reflect it on the scale or the lack of inches lost and then you will think you are stuck in a  plateau. Look... I was stuck in a "plateau" for over a year because I couldn't keep candy and sweets out of my mouth. I would have something sweet or a mindless snacking session at least once a week. I thought... "oh, its only once in a while and I deserve a treat." Those treats got me thinking something was wrong with my body and that I couldn't lose weight... I even thought "hmmm I must have a thyroid condition. Because it seems everyone who can't lose weight has that"

Looking back now I can laugh because I know better. The deal was... I was freakin' eating too much random junk! haha! 

So do yourself a favor and make sure you log the random bites of food you eat here and there or just don't eat it. If I get to where I'm not losing weight... I start to keep a running note on my phone of random stuff I eat. Then at the end of the week I'll look back and see how it all added up.

Once you do this a couple times you'll be able to think before you take a random bite of 3 cheez-its because you'll realized how it all added up last week and it's just not worth it to not see results for working so hard. 

What to eat before and after a workout?

If you are going to lift weights... you will need to eat a Lean Protein and a Starchy Carbohydrate before your workout and after your workout. Serving size should be no more than 1/2c of a Starchy Carb before and after a workout. Starchy carbs like, White or Brown Rice, Sweet Potatoes, Oatmeal or Cooked Pasta. 

If you are just doing cardio or a light exercise like walking around the neighborhood you really don't need the carbs. Especially if you are wanting to lose weight because carbs are = to Energy. Your body just doesn't need all that "energy" or carbs if you're only doing cardio because the goal is to burn through the food that is already in your stomach. Once that is burned it will start to burn the sugar in your muscles and once that is all burned THEN it will burned stored fat. Which is our GOAL!!! yayyy. :) 

You will not burn so much that it will eat your muscle. But if you're concerned about this just drink BCAA's while you do cardio. We will go more into what BCAA's are later in the course. If you want to get some you can find them at any nutrition store. 

Pro Tip:

Save the Healthy Fats for other times during the day. Because once your body is burning stored fat and you add in a fat by eating peanut butter for example... then your body stops buring the stored fat and goes straight to burning the healthy fat you just ate. Your healthy fats can be saved for snacks and or eaten with dinner. This will help to keep you full longer and prevent late night snacking. If I'm starving at night I will eat 3-4 Egg Whites and 1 Tbsp Peanut Butter then I'll drink some water and go to bed. Another thing is... It's totally fine to eat protein and healthy fats before bed. You will actually sleep better. 

To Recap:
If you are doing cardio you can do that on an empty stomach. You will also see this called ESC in the group. ESC stands for Empty Stomach Cardio. 

If you are lifting weights you should eat a Lean Protein and Complex Carb. 

I like to eat 3-4oz Chicken and 

1/2c Jasmine Rice about 30-45 mins. before I lift weights.


If you lift weights in the morning your meal could be 3 Egg Whites and 1/3 to 1/2c Oatmeal with 3 Strawberries.  

You can also add in a vegetable if you're hungry. But it's not necessary. 


To help with the inaccurate calorie burn on some cardio machines at the gym. Increase your calorie-burn goal by 30 percent. So if you go in with the intention to burn 300 calories keep going until the machine says 390 calories burned. Most of the time this means you've actually only burned 300 calories since these machines typically tend to be off. 

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