DAY 23


So often you'll start a new diet and the first thing you see is NO ALCOHOL. So then you start to get your mind prepped for weekends at home or weekends where you can't let loose and enjoy a glass or wine or a cocktail. Or maybe you don't drink alcohol, in that case you're just fine with that part of starting new diets because... nothing new. haha! But I enjoy a nice glass of wine or 3 depending how the week was and if I have friends over. So this page is dedicated to teaching you all about alcoholic beverages and making the best choice for weight loss while still enjoying time with family and friends. Because lets face it, if you can't enjoy yourself from time to time, you won't stick to this plan and this won't become a lifestyle change. The only real way to see success overtime is to be consistent. You don't have to be perfect... just consistent. Glasses of wine or low sugar cocktails are included in my consistency. 


The whole goal with cocktails 

The whole goal is to go with the least amount of sugar and carbs in an alcoholic beverage. Because when you drink alcohol your body bypasses all other food you've eaten and will digest the alcohol first. So if you just ate Mexican food and drank a sugary margarita with over 350 cals. That is the first thing to digest and from the past lessons here on the site... where does sugar go??  Straight to the fat stores if you haven't exercised to burn off that sugar. Ahhh... hang on while I freak out for a second.... so you're telling me that 2 hours I just did of cardio was for nothing... yep, pretty much.. haha! All jokes aside.. if margaritas are your jam... just try to make a skinny version. I use to love margaritas. They were my go-to cocktail choice. Until I learned that if I wanted to fit in my skinny jeans I'd have to switch it up. And I just don't like the skinny versions as much as other low sugar cocktails so I switched. Here are some low carb options for drinks. 

I personally will drink Vodka with diet soda. It's 0 Carbs & 0 Sugar. Or I'll have a glass of wine. You can also drink those low carb beers like Michelob Ultra has 2.6g Carbs and there are some lower carb options out there for beer too. My body just doesn't do well with all that wheat in the beer. I end up super bloated. So I just stay away from it and drink liquor and wine. 

Ideally you want to have the least amount of carbs in your alcohol because it's digested first. 

Amount of Carbs in each serving. 

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