DAY 22


Combatting Cellulite SUCKS!! Let's just be honest. I've been dealing with this problem since I was young. I remember having dimples on my upper thighs starting in high school. I hated it. 

What is Cellulite??  There are many different variations you'll find all over the internet but this is what I've learned about it. 


Collagen fibers ( Fascia ) are surrounded by fat cells and as they stiffen, the fat cells get trapped under the skin. This results in the unsightly and stubborn orange peel and dimple effect.

The deterioration of collagen/ fascia  is directly caused by excess sugar in the diet and other environmental exposures, toxins, processed foods etc. 

So what can you do about it?

Reduce the amount of sugar you consume. Choose to go with Stevia in the Raw or another brand you like that is a natural sweetener.  Increase your consumption of anti-oxidant substances such as Vitamins E and C, carotenes, selenium and zinc.



All vegetables, sprouted seeds, nuts, lentils, peas, etc., brown rice, whole wheat cereals, sprouted grain bread like ezekiel, rye bread, higher fat fish like Salmon, lean meats, eggs, natural yogurts, fruits, walnuts, almonds, olive oil, honey, green tea.

Basically you want to follow a Whole Foods or Clean Eating Meal Plan... foods that have little to no processing. To know what is a Whole Food, it is a food that has less than 5 ingredients. Food in it’s most natural state.


While Cellulite is also genetic depending on how the elasticity in your skin reacts to the fat underneath. The best thing to do is follow a clean diet and get on a weight lifting routine. Exercising regularly and drinking plenty of water to flush out your system and keep things running smoothly.


Cellulite can be on the smallest of women and the largest of women it doesn't discriminate. It all has to do with your skin being able to hold up the fat in that area or not. So once you tone up the muscle in that area you are less likely to see the cellulite because what you’ll start seeing is the muscle showing through the skin instead of the extra fat cells.


There are many creams you can use to reduce the appearance of cellulite but where you will see the best results is with diet and exercise. Weight Lifting mostly.


If you wanted to take on cellulite in a different way you can research Endermologie or Vela Shape both of those procedures are done in a medical spa type setting and have been proven to reduce the sight of cellulite. These also do not last so the upkeep is pretty expensive. 

You can also check out the Fascia Blaster. It's a newly created tool that helps to bring blood flow back to your body in areas that have been lacking blood flow because of restricted fascia. I have tried all 3 of these things mentioned above and like with everything else you have to eat well and workout. These tools are just that... TOOLS.  You can't depend on any 1 thing to get rid of cellulite. You have to do a combination of things. Eating Whole Foods, Lifting Weights and 1 of the 3 tools mentioned. 

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