DAY 21


Sugar, Sugar... we are talking about this again because it's best to keep in mind how sugar effects us day to day. I will challenge myself to go a certain amount of days without sugar or sweets just because I know how it's not good for you. I will get headaches and chills almost like I'm sick with a virus but really it's just withdraws from SUGAR!!  Crazy to think. So I challenge you to go 3 days without Sugar. No Candy, No Desserts.. YOU CAN DO THIS!  They say the first 3 days of any change is the hardest so see how you do with no sugar after 3 days and then decide if you are able to think a little more clearly. Maybe you find yourself being able to resist junk food or mindless eating. It's always good to test yourself and see how strong you really are. I love this because it gives me something to work on and work towards. Make it fun and you'll stick with it. 

I've created this document for you about Sugar Addiction and the different teas that help with healing your body naturally.  

Click to download document

Teas to keep on hand that help with sugar cravings... 

Tazo are the exact Teas Starbucks use. Save yourself some money and make it at home. 

Drink this one at night. Since it's Decaf. Also good for late night cravings.. I drink this and if I'm really craving junk I'll make 3 egg whites and add some salsa and then drink the tea. 

Sooo many flavors to choose from. They are all good too. I use stevia in the raw to sweeten all my teas with. 

Are you going to commit to 3 days No Sugar?