Welcome to your first 21 days!! This is a very exciting time. You are starting with a CLEAN SLATE. No matter how many times you've tried a diet and failed this is a new fresh start. Below are a couple things to do for DAY 1. 

1. It's time to get your starting weight and take before pictures. This is one of the hardest parts. Trust me, I've lost 92lbs. Stepping in front of the camera in a tiny bikini at 210lbs was not the greatest day of my life. But what I do know is.... I would not be here to motivate you if I had never taken those pictures. So get a bikini, because I promise you'll want the bikini pic once you get to your goal weight. Get a pair of shorts and a sports bra and you are going to take two pictures. One in a bikini and one in a sports bra and shorts. These are my before and after pictures to show you I did the same thing I'm telling you all to do.   

2. Now that you have your outfit all figured out. You'll need to print off this DAY 1 paper to hang up on the wall or hold while you take your before pictures. You will need these shots: 

Left Side 
Right Side
Picture of the scale with printed out paper sitting on the ground so we can see your starting weight. 

Just tape the paper to the wall or hold it while you take the pictures. I like to use any of the camera timer apps so I can set my phone somewhere, get in front of it and take all the shots at once and no one has to do it for me. My Mom took my original before pictures and I was embarrassed for her to see me like that. So thank goodness for these apps. 

Click picture to print

3. Now that you have taken your pictures put them somewhere safe! You don't have to send them to anyone unless you want to. You are free to post them in our Facebook group ( Goodbye Fat Hello Muscle ) if you feel comfortable. Many women do that for accountability. But I will tell you.... MAKE SURE you are, in fact, in the group before posting so you don't post it to your personal FB page.  Or if you've created a GFHM Instagram account feel free to post there for accountability. We are @GoodbyeFatHelloMuscle on Instagram. Tag us and use these hashtags over the course of the challenge. #TeamGFHM #GoodbyeFatHelloMuscle #GFHM

If you want to create a new public Instagram account with your journey just use your name then gfhm.  Example: Kenna_GFHM or Kenna.gfhm 

This is great for posting you meals and workouts done each day so you can go back and see what all you did 6 months from now. 

4. Time to get out the meal plan that was posted in the Facebook group and look over it. See what you need from the grocery store for later this week. If you won't have time to get to the store for a couple days just follow this simple portion control system that I personally use.... All Meals should be 3-6oz of Lean Protein, 1/2c Starchy Carb & 1/2c Fruit or Veggies. Eat both if you're starving. If you want to lose weight quick.. do not eat fruit or starchy carbs past 5pm. If you work overnight do not eat fruit or starchy carbs at your last meal before sleeping. 1 tbsp. of a Nut Butter or 1/2 of an Avocado for healthy fats per day. Drink 60-80oz of Water per day. That's the bare bones nutrition if you don't have time to read through the meal plan right away. 

5. Clean your kitchen! Yep, you read that right. Do the dishes, make sure you go to bed tonight with 0 dishes in the sink and all the countertops & table wiped off and free of any clutter. Clutter KILLS your motivation. You might as well wake up with 50% less energy. Once your eyes see clutter it makes you think of all the unfinished business you have and it weighs you down. So... set a timer and spend 30-60 minutes today cleaning your kitchen free of clutter and dishes. Clean out junk food and make space in your refrigerator and cabinets. I know many homes have children and spouses who aren't on the same plan eating wise.. that's totally fine.. just put their food in a cabinet you won't open. Out of sight out of mind. 

6. Complete todays workout and post about it in the GFHM Group. While you're at it post a family picture or a picture that means something to you and introduce yourself to the group. This might be scary to do at first if you don't normally post in Facebook groups but our group is Only Women who are all on the same journey. It's a no judgement zone and it makes for a fun group when everyone participates.  

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