DAY 18


Organization is a crucial part for a sense of well being.  When you've got unfinished projects, clothes that need washed, folded and put away. Then you realize I don't have enough space to put all these things. Then there are the kitchen dishes that need to be washed and put away. It's a never ending task to stay organized and keep a tidy home.

One of the reasons people have the lack of motivation is because they are drained by their environment. There are too many things that need to be done and too little time.  This causes stress and stress causes mindless eating and emotional eating. Which can all be prevented by getting organized.

The Cost Of Clutter...

Clutter comes in many forms. Clutter can be debt, baggage from a pervious relationship, weight gain, health issues or stacks of papers scattered all over the place.  When sorting always ask yourself.... DO I LOVE THIS? or Do I use this? 

Then you can use the acronym L.I.V.E


If you don't write it down, chances are you'll forget. If you don't forget it you will spend more time thinking about it hoping you don't forget it. So write everything down. 


Organization start on the inside first. You have to make a choice to declutter your mind and get rid of things you have no control over. 


Be VERY clear about the vision you have for your life and then keep that in mind when you make other decisions throughout the day. Does this decision align with the ultimate vision for my life? If no, then say no or don't purchase the item. 

E= External Organization 

Once you have organized yourself internally then you can start to work on the external environment. Clutter on the outside is a sign of clutter on the inside. 

Less Is More... 

Don't believe the lie that more is better. Sometimes more is just that - MORE! 

More Clutter

More to Clean Up

More Stuff

More Space Taken Up 

Favorite Decluttering Audio Book: 

Commit to 15 minutes of organization today. What room will you start with?