DAY 16


Holidays will ALWAYS come up and the best thing to do is learn how to get through them without getting totally derailed with your fitness goals. 

Holiday parties for me in the past were always trying to NOT eat the food served because I didn't want to get off track and feel guilty. UNTIL I started this new pact with myself and now I teach anyone who goes through my courses or follows along on Social Medial about my VIP Foods Rule. 

VIP Foods are foods at the party I normally wouldn't be able to eat year round. Like a special recipe my mom always makes for Christmas or a special food that just looked good and I've wanted to try it. Basically, you want to eat foods that would make you feel like you're able to enjoy the party with your friends.. instead of saying.. Oh, I can't have that I'm watching what I eat and then have to hear the remarks from everyone else about how you don't need to lose weight etc. Peer Pressure at it's finest.. haha! 

So here is my rule on VIP Foods... You can choose 4-5 of them for each party you go to. These parties I'm talking about are all those little "before the actual holiday is here parties". Friends get togethers etc. 

1 VIP food serving is taking 3 HEALTHY BITES... or 3 BIG BITES so you get the satisfaction from eating the food, you get to taste it and actually enjoy it. Plus you don't have to be the odd person out at the party who's not eating and someone asks... Why aren't you eating? Then you feel like you have to make up some dumb excuse or just eat the food so everyone will stop talking about why you aren't eating. 

But the deal is... when you use the VIP Foods rule... NOBODY knows that you are watching what you eat because you can still enjoy those higher fat foods just like everyone else is at the party. Just in moderation. 

So 3 big bites of each food item you choose. You can choose up to 5 different items at 1 party. These VIP foods usually are higher in carbs and fat. So the rest of the foods you eat at the party need to be a Protein, Vegetable or a Fruit (that isn't covered in chocolate or sugary sauce) bec then it's considered a VIP food. 


So let's say you get a slice of cake as 1 of your VIP food picks.  You take 3 big bites of it and throw the rest away. Walking away satisfied that you were able to enjoy the cake and stick to your plan. Plus you just saved anywhere from 300-500 calories depending on the size of the slice. 


If you choose pizza 1 regular sized slice is considered 1 VIP Food.


Alcohol is also considered a VIP Food. 1 glass of wine = 1 VIP food. So if you wanna have a bottle of wine that night you better be happy eating veggies and lean protein... haha!  I'm totally kidding, you should never drink a bottle of wine.... (as I pretend I've never done this) ;) 

1 beer = 1 VIP Food. 

If you want a FREE Boozy Beverage... get a diet soda and vodka. Or get water and flavor it with some of those Mio water drops and vodka. Or any other liquor. As long as the drink isn't loaded with sugar you are golden!! My go-to is diet soda and water. I was drinking wine but then found I just couldn't lose weight so I made the switch and only have wine paired with the meal because I like the taste. But as far as a night out with the girls or for date night... I do diet soda and vodka. 

Another Example: Let's say it's those little individual meatballs or individual bite sized anything...    

3 of those would =1 VIP food. Even if it's a dessert. 

Most importantly ENJOY the friends you have at the party and focus on what everyone else has been up to. Really try to ask more questions about the other people around you so you get focused on them instead of FOOD, FOOD, FOOD. 

As far as the Actual Holiday with your family... like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Valentines Day, Birthdays... Enjoy the true day and have a meal with your family without guilt and get back to the grind tomorrow. This is considered a treat meal. We don't count VIP Foods for treat meals. Just enjoy the holiday!! 

The Holidays can be one of the most stressful times. But I hope with this little trick you can get through them without feeling like you've just undone all your hard work. As always just use your best judgement and remember you are the one who has to work the excess off if you go overboard. 

Side Note: Usually after all holiday parties that I've indulged in I will do an extra 30-60 minutes of cardio the next day. This helps to off set any of the overage. 

What are some of your favorite VIP Foods you are excited to eat?