DAY 12


When you have complete focus on a goal only time will determine when you achieve it. Here are some tips and ideas to help you with getting FOCUSED on your goal. Willpower will wear off and the newness of the challenge will fade away... You'll have to dig deep and find that motivation within to keep going. 

What is your goal?? 

Maybe your goal is to lose 50lbs. There are a couple things you need to do and ask yourself after you set a goal to make sure you take steps to achieve it. 

1. Who has successfully accomplished the same or similar goal to help me over come obstacles I will encounter? 

2. How can I turn this goal into a competition with myself?

3. What obstacles and distractions will I need to overcome to achieve my goal? How can I eliminate those distractions?

4. What existing systems can I use to help me reach my goals?

5. What research can I do on my own to help me understand how to reach my goal?


6. What can I focus on each day that will get my closer to reaching my goal?

7. How will achieving my goal help to bring happiness or stability to my life?

8. What can I do to add fun to the next days of the challenge that will ultimately get my to my goal?


9. How will I add variety and excitement to the process so I don't get bored?

10. Why is this goal meaningful to me?

11. What are things that will keep me from quitting when the days get tough or when I don't see the results I think I should? 

12. What rewards will I give myself to help me accomplish my goal?

13. What BIG reward will I give myself when I reach my ultimate goal? 

If you are serious about achieving your goals take the time to write down the answers to these questions today. Invest time to give thoughtful, meaningful answers in writing. Keep those questions and answers where you can see them and read them when you need to get focused with extra motivation. 

Most of us wait to do something until we are motivated to do so. But here's the thing... We usually don't know how to create that motivation so we wait until we are inspired and that usually never happens. 

We have to motivate ourselves and pull out that inner strength by having these reasons why we want to achieve our goals and systems already in place that ensure success. 

Don't give up, don't ever give up!!

Did you learn something today? Comment and let us know!