DAY 10


Morning cardio... what I also refer to as ESC or Empty Stomach Cardio is known to burn fat. Here is a little bit of advice for pre-workout meals. When you have been following the nutrition plan and eating fewer processed foods you shouldn't need to eat anything early in the morning before cardio. If you feel energized when you wake up go ahead and do the cardio on an empty stomach. Research shows this is a powerful way to burn stored fat and I personally have experienced this myself. 

However, if you wake up feeling like you're starving, you'll need to have a small snack that is mostly protein. I love to have the light string cheese sticks for this reason. Also you could do 3 egg whites or 1 teaspoon of Peanut or Almond Butter or half of a scoop of a protein shake. You just don't want to be eating carbs before you do only cardio. The whole reason why we do ESC is to burn out the glycogen (sugar/carbs) in the muscles so the body will then start burning the stored Fat. 

Avoid high-carb meals like oatmeal, fruit and even yogurt before doing cardio because this spikes your insulin and hinders fat burning. Save these for AFTER you workout. 
After your workout is a great time to drink Shakeology. It has the perfect ratio of carbs, to fats to protein plus contains 70 super foods that help with SO many things. I'll teach you all about Shakeology in upcoming days. It's truly amazing what all is possible with just 1 smoothie a day. Plus it's a no-brainer meal to have because you don't have to think about it.

**If you haven't tried Shakeology and would like a sample ask your Team Beachbody Coach how you can get a sample. My ultimate favorite flavor is Cafe Latte. It tastes like a Mocha Frappuccino. Sooo good! 

If you cannot do ESC in the morning you can do cardio 2-3 hours after your last meal. When you start feeling hungry at night.. this is when I start doing cardio. I will go for about 40 minutes in the evening then my evening meal will be a lean protein and veggie so that I keep my body in fat burning mode before going to bed. My evening meal looks like this: 4 oz Chicken OR Steak AND 12 Asparagus Spears or another green veggie of choice. I eat Asparagus because I love it and also because it is a natural diuretic. Which means it helps your body to pull out extra water so you're not bloated. These are the types of meals you should be eating if you've also been eating out or eating too much processed junk because it's lower carb and gives your body time to use the carbs you've just eaten from the treat meals. 

Your morning ESC can be HIIT or steady state cardio where you adjust the incline or speed. I've created several Treadmill Routines to music. Try one out and let us know what you think in the group. 

Yesterday in DAY 9 we talked briefly about HIIT and I gave you a quick example about it. If you haven't checked that out yet, go back and check it out so you know what I'm talking about. 




To get lean you need to burn calories both during and after your workout. To get that continuous burn you'll need to perform cardio that is mostly anaerobic. Don't worry about all the "rules" when you are just starting out because all of this will make more sense as far as getting a lean body fat percentage once you lose the majority of your weight.

Anaerobic means: The lack of oxygen to produce energy. 

So for example when you walk, jog, or swim at a low intensity you are performing an Aerobic exercise which means "with oxygen" and is the opposite of Anaerobic "without oxygen".

Aerobic exercises are repetitive activities that work your heart and lungs, training them to deliver oxygen to your working muscles. This is where you will also build up endurance over time which will allow you to go longer periods of walking or jogging as your heart and lungs get stronger. 

With Anaerobic exercise like HIIT, your working muscles need for oxygen exceeds the available supply. Because its intensity is very high... think Sprints or lifting heavy weights. You can only perform it in short bursts. This type of exercise burns only carbohydrates to produce energy. 

Anaerobic exercise doesn't burn as many calories as an equal amount of Aerobic exercise however, short bursts of intense exercise is critically important for weight loss and here's why.

Anaerobic Exercise  aka: HIIT

Raises resting metabolism: This means you extend your calorie burn for hours after your workout. You also burn more calories throughout the day, even at rest. 

Encourages the development of lean muscle mass: 

By providing a favorable hormonal environment your body is able to build more lean muscle. 

You can literally craft the body you want. Neither one is "Right" but each process will give you a different "look" that's why it's important to know the look you're going for and then take the steps to achieve that look. 

Causes the increase in blood lactate levels:

 This increase signals your body to release growth hormone. As you know, growth hormone signals the body to release fatty acids into the bloodstream, where they are burned off. 

Marathon runners go long distances over a longer period of time than Sprinters do. It is a good idea to look at the bodies of the people you want to look like and do the things they do.


Most Sprinters also lift weights. You can see the muscle definition is totally different. There are so many variables to each person so I'm not saying that if you only do sprints you'll look like this. Or if you run marathons you'll look like this... 

But rather, take note and start noticing the people around you and what they do to achieve the bodies they have. 

Success leaves clues and if you're grocery shopping and notice you buy the same items as the over weight people you walk by... know that you'll soon be looking like them if you don't change your ways.  


This exact thing happened to me when I was going through my weight loss journey. I was grocery shopping and had picked up a couple "treats" because I wanted to treat myself or so I thought at the time I was also going to make some of our family recipes which are pretty fattening but I thought.. hey it will be a nice treat. 

So I go to check out and the girl was talking to me and then she says... "I love your cart, you got all of my favorite foods". This girl was super sweet and she was also very obese. At that moment I had an "ah-ha" moment and realized that if I was to eat like this more often I'd eventually be sharing her body type. 

So take note of those around you. When you're grocery shopping, look in other peoples carts. See what they are purchasing and see their body types. Is that something you'd want to look like? 

Remember Success Leaves Clues. 

Discover your greatness!! 

What what is something you want to accomplish? Comment and let us know