Customer Lead Email

Example 1:

Hi _____! My name is Morgan and I was assigned as your free coach when you ordered your Beachbody program. Are you excited about it? I hope so (you should be!)! Anyway, I just wanted to make myself and my purpose known to you so if you have any questions or encounter any problems, give me a shout! I’m here to support YOU! What program are you doing, what are your goals and what are you hoping to achieve from the program?  

P.S. Find me on Facebook! (add link to facebook here) I have a private accountability/support group for my friends, family, and clients and would love you to be a part of it if you’re open to that!

Example 2: 

Hi Randy! I’m Ruth and I’m your FREE Beachbody coach. I started as a customer, just like you in 2010, with Insanity and Shakeology (lost and kept off 35 lbs since college). As a coach I use my personal experience to help you get started, stay motivated, and get results. If you succeed, I succeed. If you fail, I fail. We will not fail.

What are your fitness and weight loss goals? 

How’s your current nutrition? 

Let’s connect in the next week to talk about your goals and make sure you are ready to start (my husband and I are getting ready to start P90X3 also). Would you like to chat via phone or Facebook? Either way works great for me! I’m free every evening this week and available through the weekend, please let me know what time works best for you so we can schedule a time to chat. 

Please contact me on Facebook at (add link to facebook here) or at (phone number) by next Tuesday. Again, this is Ruth, your FREE Beachbody coach. I can’t wait to help you get awesome results!

Example 3: 

My name is  _______ and I am your complimentary Team Beachbody Coach.


I started my journey with Beachbody as a customer just like you with Focus T25 and Shakeology and since then I’ve gotten in better shape than I was before I had my baby and gained a world ofconfidence along the way.  As your personal coach I use my experience to help you get started, stay motivated and get results!

I’d love to talk with you about whatyour health & fitness goals are as well as what your nutrition is currently like.  

Let’s connect by __________.You can find me on Facebook at __________ and send me a friend request, email me back, or we can setup a time to talk on the phone (insert phone number).  My objective is to help you get theresults you want based on your goals.

Please let me know the best way forus to connect as soon as possible!

To health and happiness,

——Follow up email (forward original email with this message)

Hi __________!

I just wanted to check back with you since we haven’t had a chance to connect yet 🙂 Can you send me a friend request over at ________.  Once we connect, I can help you get the results you want from your program.  

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Example 4: 

______–I am your Beachbody coach. I was assigned to you when you purchased your workout.  Just wanted to check in with you to see how things are going?

A few questions:

1.  On scale of 1-10 how is your nutrition (10 being the best)?

2.  What is your goal right now (lose weight, get toned, build muscle, gain energy)?

3.  What fitness program are you doing right now?

4.  What is the biggest roadblock to achieving your goals (lack of support, time, motivation, etc)?

Also, friend me on Facebook. Looking forward to connecting!

(add link to facebook here)