Navigating the Coach Online Office 

Also Known As The: COO

As a new coach you are going to have A LOT of questions, it’s totally normal!!! When you have these questions there are a few places you should look to find the answers.


THE COO FAQS: This search engine allows you to search any topic using Beachbody’s website. Simply type in the topic in the search menu and WHA—LAA!! You’ll get answers. Click on the button below and bookmark this now! You will want to access it daily. 

GROUP SEARCH FUNCTION: Mostly likely if you have a question as a new coach, someone else has already asked it. SOOOOO… what I like to do is use the Group SEARCH function in GFHM Coaches Facebook Page  instead of posting the same question again. The Group Search function can be found in the group page on the far right-hand corner of the group menu (it’s a blank space with an hourglass icon) when using a computer (FYI-doesn’t work on a phone). Simply type the keywords in the Search Bar and every thread that contains those words will appear!! You’ll find a TON of valuable information and answers from veteran coaches! Try it now!!!


GFHM COACHES FAQ File: Be sure to bookmark this file as it contains answers to the most frequent questions. Go check it out, then be sure to come back to finish today’s assignment!

Learn to Navigate the COO

The video below is 17 minutes long – taking 17 minutes to watch. This video is CRUCIAL to understanding how to use the Coach Online Office. DO IT. As a coach, you should check the Coach Online Office daily to see if you have any new customers and to track current customer orders. Additionally, there is a CRAZY amount of resources available to you and your business. Some of these resources include:

1) FAQs!!!!!!!

2) Product Training

3) Group Challenge Guides

4) Customer Information

5) Coach Training

6) Policy & Procedure Information

7) YOUR paycheck information (YAY!)

How to set Placement for New Coaches so you can Rank Advance!!


  1. After watching the videos, go into the Coach Online Office (COO) and share (in the COMMENT section below) any video of your choosing using the Video Library. From the video click share and copy that link that comes up. Paste it into the comment section here. Also, answer the following questions.

  2. What area of the COO allows you to learn about Beachbody programs and products?

  3. Under what menu tab do you set your Preferred Placement in the COO?

  4. Have you set up your EFT yet? If the answer is no, do it now! Instructions are in the video!

  5. Where can I find answers to questions I may have?

Comment your answers below.