Your First Challenge Group


If someone asked, “Which approach to this business have you had the MOST success with?” It would MOST CERTAINLY be CHALLENGE GROUPS!!!


Think about it …

– You can give people DAILY accountability without running yourself ragged trying to do it on an individual basis.

– You give people COMMUNITY (which we ALL long for)

– You are able to publicly acknowledge them for their achievements, creating SIGNIFICANCE (which is what ALL HUMANS live for!).

– You build RELATIONSHIPS … show them SUPPORT … they get RESULTS … others NOTICE … others ASK WHAT THEY ARE DOING … They either refer these people to YOU or get REAL SMART and become a COACH to start making some money and repeating the same steps YOU ARE!

The KEY to coaching and finding challengers is NOT in being a good “salesperson.” It is in your ability to evoke emotion and get them to share their REAL REASON WHY they want to change.

Find out what people want … GIVE THEM A SOLUTION … and SUPPORT THEM!


Invite 3 NEW people to join a Challenge Group TODAY and make it a daily habit. Remember, we have made it easy for you. There is a MULTI PROGRAM CHALLENGE GROUP GUIDE in the Coach Online Office that gives you 90 days worth of posts to use in your group! It does all the work for you! You just have to get the challengers!


While you want to reach out to people personally, here is a great Facebook post to use also, to generate interest and let people know what you’re doing.


(Once again, personalize it to YOU! This is just an example that a coach used that was doing Focus T25.)

**Keep in mind, most people don’t know what a “challenge group” is or what “Focus T25” is, so it is helpful to put it in language that everyone will understand like this example post:


“Sooo…I’ve been doing my 25 minute workout thangggg for five weeks now with a few of my friends. Wanted to test it out to see if it was too good to be true. It’s not. It’s all I’ve done. It’s the real deal. Looking for 5 others needing/wanting/ready to lose 10-25 pounds in 10 weeks with me helping you along the way. Deadline is tomorrow. First come first serve. Message me now. Like right now! Don’t wait!”


  1. When is the start date of your Challenge Group?

  2. Make a post on your Facebook page about your accountability group!

Comment your answers below.