F.O.R.M. What does that even mean??

This is a RELATIONSHIP business!

Before you approach someone about Beachbody– whether about the challenge, the products, or the opportunity– you have to get to KNOW PEOPLE and BUILD RELATIONSHIPS.

If you skip this part, the people you approach will surely want to run away from you because they will feel that they are being sold. No one likes to be pitched and you certainly don’t want to feel that you are “selling.”


It’s very exciting in the beginning and you just want to blab! But before you present Beachbody to people, whether in person or online, make sure you get to know them a bit.

Dani Johnson’s system of F.O.R.M. is an easy way to build relationships so you can find out what people’s interests, strengths, and needs are.

FORMing Conversations for inspiration... 


  1. Post your takeaway and how FORM can help you build a rapport.

  2. Apply this technique to one new person today, and share how it went!

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