DAY 13

ShakeO your way to SUCCESS!! 

Shakeology is THE single most important product we have as coaches. Not only is it HEALTH in a glass (did you know it’s equivalent to 5 super packed, nutrient dense salads?), but it’s our best residual product and biggest moneymaker. It is a non-negotiable in our business if you are wanting to succeed on any level.


You want to authentically be able to share YOUR experience with shakekology with others so you’ve got to be drinking it because we are NOT sales people. It’s also an adaptogen so you have to be drinking it regularly to feel its full affects. Regardless, it’s UH-MAZING and your body will be thanking you as well as everyone you share it with.


Every bonus, incentive and award trip is tied to shakeology, as well. If someone is not as on board with at-home fitness, but IS on board with shakeology, they are still able to rock a coaching biz. But, shakeology is vital. If you aren’t on board drinking it daily and your biz is struggling, THANKFULLY we just discovered why and now you can make a change.


The positive side effects are extremely far reaching from
*weight loss to
*mood regulation (it seriously makes me HAPPIER!) to
*amazing natural energy to
*regulating digestion to
*curbing cravings…
OMG SO MUCH GOODNESS! AND you haven’t even watched the video below yet! JUST WAIT!


  1. Watch the video (IT WILL CHANGE YOUR BIZ so pay attention) and tell me 3 things you learned either about shakeology itself or something you will do differently in your business moving forward.


Comment your answers below.