DAY 12

Facebook & Social Media

Many coaches in Beachbody have built their ENTIRE 6 and 7 figure organizations on social media alone.








ARE YOU SUPER SHY IN PERSON? It ain’t no thang.


These tips will teach you how to effectively communicate with your audience in a likable, non-salesy, non-spammy way that will lead to long term success when applied consistently.

You get to be YOU and share from an authentic place because you ARE doing the workouts and you ARE drinking your shakeology every day (if not, you might need to start this training over).


Want to speed up the process of success? Always remember: Your business will grow in proportion to how much YOU grow as a person. So also, make sure you are reading personal development. I highly recommend “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson to get you started. 


THERE are so many Do’s and Don’ts that you will learn along the way. Here are some great tips that the leaders of this team have learned the hard way so you don’t have to. Pay VERY close attention and start applying them asap.



DO: Be you. Be authentic. Be vulnerable. Read your post aloud beforehand. Reread. Would it annoy you? Does it sound like you? Would I know YOU were writing it?


DO: Post consistently. Min of 2-3 times a day.


DO: Find your “primetime”. See when your audience is online. Just learn thru trial and error. Is your audience online early in the morning? Late at night? Try posts at different times to see what works better and when you get more responses.


DO: Follow the 80/20 rule. Make sure your posts are 80% you (aka real life…not related to Beachbody or health/fitness)..20% Beachbody. Over the course of the whole week. Don't post Beachbody everyday!! Bec when people come to your page they expect to see all Beachbody stuff. You are a real person with a real life outside of Beachbody... SHARE THAT!! Save the Beachbody posts for times to share your journey and to invite others to join along. 


DO: Add value. Period. This will keep people coming back. It could be funny, motivational, educational, etc. Just needs to be VALUABLE.


DON’T: Copy and paste or spam. If you see a good post that you want to use, make it your own. Change it up. Infuse YOU because that’s what people are “buying”.


DON’T: Get discouraged if people aren’t responding to your posts right away. Maybe you don’t have a lot of Facebook friends (we need to change that), maybe you are just getting started….regardless, it takes time for Facebook to decide to show your posts to your friends. And some people will not respond at first, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t reading your posts. Stay consistent.


DON’T: Share price publicly. Just create curiosity, peak their interest, then take the conversation to a private message. This will allow you to see who is interested and show them the complete value in the product before presenting the price.


DON’T: Ever post a link. SPAM ALERT! You send links in a PRIVATE MESSAGE. After the person has told you they are interested. 


DON’T: Forget your fellow coaches’ posts are their storefront. Don’t ask business related questions on public posts.


DON’T: Post and pray. One post will not make or break your business. It’s all about the private messages.


DON’T: Vent/ Rant/ Spew Negativity. You want to attract super awesome people that trust you and that you will have their back. This will take you 10 steps back immediately.


DON’T: Overthink it or wait for things to be perfect. You will just be waiting. You will learn thru trial and error and just DOING IT. So do.

Check out this document for more info. 

  1. Name the top 3 things you will apply TODAY to your Facebook page that you learned in the training videos.

Comment your answers below.