DAY 11

Creating a SYSTEM! 

With every person you invite to a Challenge Group, you are building your prospect list. Keep track of their names and dates so that you can go back and follow-up with them later. Today you will learn the importance of staying organized so that no one falls thru the cracks.

What will work best for you? Check out the videos below to see how some coaches utilize different systems for their follow-up. Choose what works for YOU, and run with it!

Pen & Paper WORK GREAT!! But if you're looking for something more I highly Recommend Teamzy. Check out how to use Teamzy to SLAY your Beachbody Business in 1 HOUR A DAY!


  1. What “system” are you using to keep track? Whether it’s pen & paper, a phone app, Excel, or an online program… Use something simple and straight-forward that works for YOU! Set it up now, before you have a chance to get behind. Name what you’re using below.

  2. Repeat after me: “I am capable of amazing things in life!”


Comment your answers below.