Success Club

Looking back at my start as a coach… there was ONE NON-NEGOTIABLE in my business right from the GET-GO that I believe was a KEY to my SUCCESS… I WOULD MAKE SURE TO GET SUCCESS CLUB EVERY SINGLE MONTH! You need to understand the rules surrounding how to qualify before moving forward. This is what will propel your business to the next level as fast as possible. Did I mention they will GIVE YOU free customers when you qualify and this is how you will earn all of those cool reward trips?!?!


This is about changing lives and getting people all the tools to meet their goals: Fitness AND Nutrition. Shakeology is our secret weapon to getting customer’s their results. So, you only make Success Club when you are directly matching people up with the tools that will change their life. HOW COOL IS THAT?


SO What are you waiting for?!?! SET YOUR GOAL each month… and GO AFTER IT!!! We also track the teams points in GFHM Coaches! When you get a point, you need to update the document. It’s under FILES (at the top of the GFHM Coaches page), then MARCH SUPERSTARS (or whatever month it is). This is a SUPER IMPORTANT training day in your biz that you will need to review over and over until you are sure that you get it.


  1. What products give you Success Club points and how many?

  2. What is HD?

  3. Do products not on HD give you Success Club points?

Comment your answers below.