First Stop... 

Emerald Rank!

WHAT IS EMERALD: Emerald is our first stepping stone towards financial success. You are becoming a leader and showing others they can get fit AND make an income as well. But what is Emerald and how do you get there?


Emerald is when you personally sponsor two active coaches. To be an active coach you need a min of 50 personal volume every 5 weeks. Shakeology autoship satisfies this requirement and to succeed, you want to be drinking it every day so YOU are golden as far as staying active. You should be getting your new coaches started the SAME way so they are also set up for success (and active).

WHY DO I WANT TO BE EMERALD ASAP: When you advance to Emerald, you start earning cycle bonuses off the team! WHAT?!?! FREE MONEY?!!? Yep! This can only happen once you are Emerald. So, instead of working hard and only benefitting from your own efforts, get to Emerald and this amazing team will help build your financial future. Also, when you are a qualified Emerald Coach and make Success Club, Beachbody GIVES YOU free customers! EEEEK! You will learn more about this soon, but just trust me, get to Emerald and make Success Club and the business will follow and you will be helping a whole lot of people along the way.


CAN YOUR SPOUSE BE ONE OF YOUR COACHES: (if you don’t have one still pay attention to understand how to help your future coaches!) What if they don’t want to work the biz?

They don’t have to!

Wonder what the benefit would be? I always recommend your spouse be your second active coach. This way, you will immediately become Emerald when they join and you won’t be paying fees for them until you get an immediate benefit.


WHAT IS PLACEMENT: You do need one coach on each leg (one left; one right) in order to be Emerald so you need to pay attention to placement.


How do I get the coaches placed where they need to go?


Go to My business -> My Downline -> Graphical Genealogy -> Click on Go to Bottom LEFT (for left leg placement) OR Go to Bottom RIGHT (for right leg placement) watch the video below for more detailed instructions.

Coach Placement Basics Video

Getting to Emerald Rank and Beyond!!! 

How to DOUBLE DIP Income by signing up your Spouse or Parent??


  1. Contact your sponsor and post below which leg is your “weak leg” (which will be the leg your spouse goes on). Whichever leg you are on of theirs (either left or right) is your strong leg. So, the opposite leg will be your weak leg.

  2. Set up your placement for your first coach (your strong leg).

  3. How many coaches on each leg do you need for Emerald?


Comment your answers below.