DAY 10


                      “THE FORTUNE IS IN THE FOLLOW-UP!”

PROSPECT FOLLOW UP:  When you haven’t heard back from someone, don’t wait around. They may have not seen your note, or seen it and meant to respond but got distracted. It is up to you to remind them of the Challenge Group starting soon– this creates some urgency! Let them know you are saving a spot just for them– this let’s them know you’re focused on them!

When you are reaching out to a prospect, be sure to have the start date of your next Challenge Group in front of you so you can extend the invitation. Remember this important step—Ask for referrals! If someone says YES to your Challenge Group—ask them to “bring” a friend or two along with them. Most prospects will have no idea that they are allowed to do this unless you tell them, yet most can think of someone they would like to invite.

CHALLENGER FOLLOW-UP: Stay connected with your Challengers by following up with them on a weekly basis (especially if they are quiet observers in the Challenge Group). You want them to know that even though the Challenge Group is there for great daily support and questions, you are their Coach and are available for them too. It is also a good idea to make sure early on that they are drinking their Shakeology daily, so help them with the trial and error of figuring out an awesome recipe so they are getting the most out of their Challenge Pack. It’s great ‘customer service’ to remind them about their Shakeology autoship (and Club Membership, if they opted in at signup).

Demonstrating excellent customer service will help you build a TEAM that garners respect and loyalty from everyone you help.

Here’s a great guideline for staying connected with your Challengers:


1.  Reach out to your current challengers who are in a Challenge Group to ask how their journey is going and what their favorite Shakeology recipe is so far. Set a day next week to do the same, and continue this habit!


2.  Reach out to as many recent contacts as you can to follow up with them and invite them to a Challenge Group. Share how many people you reached out to below.


Comment your answers below.