DAY 15

Finding New People & 

Free Groups

So you’ve gone through your entire contact list on your phone… and you’ve exhausted all your friends on your facebook.  NOW WHAT?  Adding new people to your market on a daily bases is crucial for longevity in your business.   You want to be adding 3-5 NEW people to your network daily and connecting with them.  Make friends!  This is a relationship business and the only way people are going to trust you enough to join your team or join you in a challenge group is if you develop a relationship with them.


Now how do I find people outside of my cold market to connect with?


Here are a few ways to find people:

1. Look up old friends, co workers, people you know from college, high school, old jobs, extended family, friends of family, your dentist, etc. on Facebook.


2. Be aware of the people who like/comment on the posts you make.  If you see someone like or comment on a post, reach out to them via private message and start up a conversation based on what you posted


3. Get yourself out there. While you’re out, start a conversation with someone (grocery store, park, shopping, etc). Then before you go your separate ways, ask if they are on Facebook so you can connect.


4. Facebook Groups — Write down 10 things (not related to fitness or Beachbody) that describe you (e.g. Mom, love books, runner, Christian). Then look up groups on Facebook that relate to those things and join in the community. Don’t SPAM! Just comment, make valuable posts and connect with people. Then once you do, send them a friend request.


5. Host a free challenge group – take something that you’re passionate about (clean eating, working out,  uplifting others) and host a group around it! 


  1. Comment with the one thing you will start implementing TODAY.

  2. Share your biggest takeaway.

Comment your answers below.