How Do I Earn Money?

Aka: The Compensation Plan

Let’s talk about money… whoa!! Some of you just got super uncomfortable.

Am I, right?


Here’s how I look at it: You get paid in direct proportion to the amount of people that you help. People spend millions of dollars on health and fitness products that SIMPLY DON’T WORK!!!


We are offering them a solution that WORKS FOR LIFE!!


Just think about your own Success Story and how your life has changed because of Beachbody (or the story of your coach if you are just getting started). You should want to share that feeling with your friends!! Shouldn’t EVERYONE get to feel awesome in their own skin?! I know that when I offer people this opportunity, I get to help them feel beautiful and strong while helping them reach their goals. It’s such a rewarding experience! Before Beachbody, a lot of us were living paycheck to paycheck, now we get to give back to charities and missions that we believe in!! It’s a wonderful feeling!!


1)   BUSINESS WEEK: Runs from Thursday to Wednesday (at midnight eastern).

2)  PAYDAY: We get paid weekly on Thursdays. There is a one week delay for payroll for each pay period. Ex: If you sold 3 Challenge Packs during the week of 6/18-6/24 you would receive that paycheck on 7/2.

3)  TAXES: You will receive a 1099 at the end of the year when you make over $600 in that calendar year.

4)  DIRECT DEPOSIT: Set up your Direct Deposit in the COO. Select My Business > My EFT Management. If you don’t, you will get a paycheck in the mail and they will charge a $2.50 processing fee.

5)  COMMISSION: To view how much money you have earned in a given week, select My Business > My Commission > My Weekly Commission each THURSDAY morning. Commissions update every Thursday and will NOT update as you sell products throughout the week.


Do YOU Have a Fear Of Making Money as A Coach?


  1. What is the commission percentage for products?

  2. How many times can you “duplicate yourself” in this business? (IT’S AMAZING, RIGHT???!!!)

  3. Optional: What charity or mission would you like to support when you are earning an abundance of money with Beachbody?

Comment your answers below.