Power of 3's


Who do you know? More people than you think!

Your family, your closest friends, people you work with, people you grew up with and people who you’ve simply come in contact with.


Identifying your contacts is one of the most effective exercises in building a successful business. Your list of contacts is who you will start with when exposing people to the Beachbody products and business opportunity. Make a list of as many people as possible and keep building your list as you make new contacts and remember old ones … and the more you can connect with on Facebook, the better!!


Now make a list of 10 people who you think might benefit by being in a BB Challenge, becoming a coach, doing a fitness program or by drinking Shakeology.


Need help with your list? Use this!


Write notes next to their names:

– Why do you think they’d benefit?

– How best can you contact them?

– Comment below your plan!



The 5-Step Invitation Process is a template (AKA cheat sheet!!) you can use to INVITE people to join your 30 day challenge group!


You’ll want to personalize this message to let YOUR voice shine through! Check out Desiree's  video for tips on speaking to prospects about a challenge pack that aligns with their goals.


Focus on those you can help. Once they have committed by purchasing either a Challenge Pack or Shakeology on Home Direct (“HD”), you can plug them into your challenge group.


Now, take your list and start inviting! But, be YOU! Be genuine! Be a person! Ask QUESTIONS about their struggles and goals! Share your story! Use your upline coaches’ and teammates’ stories! We are NOT salespeople! We share life changing tools that we love! Share from your heart!


  1. Make a list of 10 people you want to share with, with notes and a plan of action on talking to them.

  2. Comment below with the first names of 3 people you invited today!

Comment your answers below.