DAY 14

Inviting to the Business

It’s SUPER important to always be inviting to the business. Yes, you need to invite to your challenge group BUT you also need to be inviting equally as many people to the coaching opportunity! And DO NOT discriminate. You NEVER know who may be interested in this opportunity! Your mom, your grandma, her friends, your mailman, etc. This opportunity is absolutely FOR EVERYONE!

WHY SPONSOR COACHES: Sponsoring coaches is how you reach financial freedom with this business. Instead of all of your income solely coming from your own efforts (you WILL get tired eventually-ha!), we all work together as a team which allows us to get a lot further, faster. Plus, our team, the camaraderie, the support, the awesomeness…couldn’t MORE people benefit from this? I don’t HAVE to share. I WANT to share and consider it my responsibility.

HOW TO SPONSOR COACHES: Don’t forget to follow-up! “The fortune is in the follow-up.” No coach would have a very big business unless they followed up consistently. But KEEP IT SIMPLE! This is my favorite follow-up message:

“Hi _________!  Did you get a chance to watch the video? Just curious to see if you have any questions for me or if you’re ready to get started! I’m here to help!”


Here’s an example of how you can invite to the coaching opportunity

(just make sure you’ve had some kind of friendly interaction with this person in the recent past—even if it’s just a meaningful comment on one of their posts or a happy birthday wish):


Random coach invite:

“Hi Mary! So I know this is WAY out of left field, but I was wondering…would you be open to hearing about what I do as a coach?

Haha I know…so random!!! But I am building my team of coaches and I KNOW what i’m looking for. Positive attitude, interesting, teachable, etc. and you really seem to fit that bill. You seem so sweet and definitely someone I would like to work with!!! I’ve been able to create a part time income that turned into a full time income and it’s only growing from here! I’ve been able to do all of this working part time from home, and it’s definitely blessed us as a family. I HAVE to share! You aren’t required to be anything but committed to getting your own fitness on track and inspiring others to come along with you! (I had 50 lbs to lose when I started!)

If this sounds like something you’d like to at least just *check out*, I will send you some info and you can get back to me about it. If not, no worries! You can break my little heart! (haha jk!!!) I just thought it might be something you would want to take a look at!”

Once they say yes, give them your story OR your sponsor’s story (or their sponsor’s story if they don’t have a story yet! Stories sell, facts tell.)


Below is a copy of Morgan's Story:

Just a quick version of my story…4 years ago I was a mom of 2 and my husband was working 2 jobs and 16 hour days and was never around (he would leave for work before the kids woke up and come home after they were in bed  🙁 ) I needed to lose 50 lbs, my unemployment had just run out, and I had no idea what I was going to do. We were literally living off ramen noodles and putting everything on credit cards (including bills).

Fast forward to now and I’m mom of THREE (woohoo!), 50 lbs lighter and I make a full time income from home working part time hours. I brought my husband home from both jobs, (we are both under 35 and RETIRED! How cool is that?!), was able to pay off our cars, pay off credit card debt, build a big savings account, travel, etc.) But the BEST part about it for me isn’t the money. It’s that I don’t have to leave home to make it. I can be here for my kids (3 of them now!) and available for all their school trips and parties and all the fun stuff they do when they’re little and not worry about money. It’s the best feeling in the world.

Check out my site and watch the videos, then write down your questions, and then send me those questions after you’re done! Once we get all those answered for you and you feel confident with the opportunity, I would be more than happy and super honored to help you get started if that’s what you choose to do. And of course, I’ll be there for you every step of the way and teach you everything I know! (as will our awesome TEAM!)”

How to build your business & Team Leading with Community instead of Money. 


1. Invite 2 people to the coaching opportunity today. Feel free to use the random coach invite, but DEFINITELY change it to sound like you and include you or your sponsor’s story!

2. Tell us the names of 2 people you invited today. I need you to go in with the attitude that you don't care if they tell you NO. It's so much easier that way. Sometimes I try to see how many people I can get to tell me NO in a day. Play that game with yourself and you'll see it's so much easier and it's just a plus when they say YES!! 

Comment your answers below.