3 Vital Behaviors 


Personal Development




We are about to introduce you to the difference between success and failure as a brand new coach. It’s going to sound crazy, I know. But if you trust this system and trust the coaches who are showing you the way, YOU WILL BE A SUCCESS!! When you get overwhelmed, all you need to do is bring it back to these basics things. If you can commit to these things every day, YOU WILL HELP A LOT OF PEOPLE and build a SUCCESSFUL business!

3 Vitals: The 3 vital behaviors are the three most important behaviors to propel your business forward. If you stay consistent with these behaviors you WILL be successful! It’s a simple formula!

  1. INVITE – If you open up a restaurant and you don’t invite anyone, how will people know it’s open? Get out there and invite people to the business opportunity. Invite people to your next challenge group. Aim to send out 2 invites a day MINIMUM. On the other end, don’t send out 10 invites one day and 0 the next because then you’ll end up spending one day following up with those 10 people or responding to those 10 people and you’ll get burned out! Be consistent.

  2. BE PROOF THE PRODUCTS WORK – Would you go to a hairdresser who has horrible hair? You build trust with the people you are sharing with when you use the products and show them your results. If someone asks you about Shakeology/workout program, think about how YOU would want to be explained to. Would you want someone reading off a list of ingredients to you? Or would you want someone to tell you that they managed to lose those last 10lbs of baby weight AND they gained a ton of energy since they started drinking shakeology? Being proof the product works makes you RELATABLE.

  3. PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT – Your greatest asset in this business is yourself. When you improve your mindset and your soul, it really helps soar you forward. Commit to 10 minutes a day at MINIMUM. Buy audio books and listen to them in the car on your way to work. Do what you have to do but this is a NON-NEGOTIABLE. If you do not do personal development, I guarantee your business will not grow. Here are some great books to start with.

  4. RECOGNIZE, RECOGNIZE, RECOGNIZE – Since these videos were created Beachbody has added a 4th Vital Behavior and it is to RECOGNIZE and celebrate every meaningful achievement and activity that leads to results. 


  1. What Personal Development book are you currently reading or what book did you just purchase to get started with personal development?

  2. When you get overwhelmed in this business what 3 simple activities should you focus on? 

Comment your answers below.